Selected Interview & Critics


  Parts of Artist’s Interview with Khaleej Times, Dubai, November 2008

My paintings are in three categories: The Roots, Poetry of Colors and Phoenix (Bird of Fire).
Sometimes, I even used my fingers to paint. I feel that I need to create my Painting directly from my body that transfers my soul’s concepts.
The first category ‘The Roots’ represents testate of striving for the best whilst following you roots—that is my artistic identity. Did you ever wonder how trees fly with the open arms, but their roots keep them on the earth? It is similar for me, with a combination of the body and soul .This indeed is a bit philosophic.
In the ‘Poetry of Colors,’ I portray my Persian culture inspired from our architecture, music, motifs of our carpet and rugs or the Lorestan motifs. I’m more a postmodernist artist there.
’ Phoenix’ is me! It portrays my sufferings, sadness and my resistance.


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